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Last Name First Name Title Department Office Phone Email
Bronson Robert Adjunct Facutly Math, Science & Engineering
Brooks Danielle Faculty Nursing S - 216 (408) 274-7900,6372
Brown Bonnie Faculty Chemistry SA-268 (408) 274-7900,6870
Brown Robert Faculty Accounting SA-256 (408) 531-6166
Burke Leticia Faculty ESL AD-132 (408) 274-7900,6622
Burnham Cynthia Faculty Mathematics SA-216 (408) 274-7900,6558
Burton Mirella Counselor Language Arts / Enlace A5-145 (408) 274-7900,6014
Byeon Seongah Adjunct Faculty Language Arts
Cabanayan Ron Adjunct Faculty Business & Workforce Development
Cahill Kathleen Adjunct Faculty

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