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Last Name First Name Title Department Office Phone Email
Strickland Lana Faculty Language Arts A1-207 (408) 274-7900,6590
Wambach Nancy Faculty Language Arts A1-207 (408) 274-7900,6596
Cuen Colleen Administrative Secretary Administrtive Services A3-114 (408) 223-6796
Han Helen Faculty Language Arts A3-203 (408) 274-7900,6525
Fray Karen Program Assistant Academic Senate A3-205 (408) 274-7900,6648
Johari Kamala Instructional Support Asst., Subject Lead Business & Workforce Development A3-220C (408) 274-7900,6257
Shah Hansa Instructional Support Asst., Lab Lead CIT Lab A3-220C (408) 274-7900,6257
Tabrizi Abdie Faculty Math, Science & Engineering A4-113 (408) 274-7900,6855
Clark Marjorie Counselor Service Learning A4-222A (408) 223-6703
O'Brien Tiffany Program Assistant Service Learning A4-222B (408) 223-6715

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